Announcing the 2017 Monday Night PIR Series


Monday PIR will live on! After 20 years owner/promoter Jim Aderson has retired from race promoting and placed a for sale sign in the window. And, there were a few months that had the Portland race community wondering what would become of the series as no one was willing to buy....unlike our housing market!

Little did anyone know, that there was someone interested. Someone was not willing to let Monday PIR fade away. That person had zero experience with promoting races, never participatd in a road race and didn't even realy know where to start. But. There was a vision.

Matt Barney had that vision and it's coming to fruition as each minute passes. The vision of a community effort from a core group of partners, the vision of adding a fixed gear category and the vision of making Monday PIR a "scene" or an experience. 

And, to hold true to the Monday Night PIR tradition. Matt will ensure ALL new racers are welcomed with warmth and hospitality with the assistance of the Olympia Cycling Team. Each week these fine folks will hosts beginner clinincs to ensure any and all questions are answered BEFORE you race.

Also, in that Monday Night PIR tradition. It is Matt's hope that a strong showing from the women's cycling community will re-emerge. To help support this. There WILL BE equality in all aspects. Those being, payouts, chances to win raffles and time in the spotlight! Furthermore. Matt feels very thankful to have the support of three incredible women owned businesses. Paisley with Honest Small Group and Cycling Training, Leah with GLadys Bikes and Misia with Double Darn! 

Finally. Let's mention the remaining core group of PARTNERS! Chris and River City Bikes, Dan and Sean with Ruckus Repair, Star and Rich from Casteli Cycling, Josh with HiFi, Kevin at Pedal PT, Jeff and Ben at Royale Brewing, Ben with Wilder Pub, Chris at Jackrabbit, Jake over at Anatonmy Tattoo, Mike Colbach and, Mike and Desiree at Laurelwood Brew Pub, Matt and Joe with Water Ave Coffee, Chris and Jason hustling for Chef Cycle and John with Muc-Off!

Monday PIR 2017 is shaping up to be a great series!!! GET OUT AND RACE!