The Monday Nights Bike Race Series begins April 17th and will be held every Monday night through May 29th. Races are held at Portland International Raceway in North Portland on a flat, closed, car-free circuit. There are separate categories for beginners to more advanced cyclists, including Novice (ages 14 and up), Women (any age), Masters Men (ages 30+) and a fixed gear/track bike category for the truly hardcore. The race series is a great opportunity for novice-level riders to learn bike racing basics with free clinics throughout the season. Fast and fun racing for everyone. All you need is a helmet, a road or fixed geared track bike.....and a a little courage.


The course is a flat and wide 1.9-mile (3.05 km) loop with excellent quality pavement.
The circuit is closed to all car traffic. Distance varies each week, depending on daylight available, field size, and weather, but will average 10-12 miles (Track Fixed Gear), 10-15 miles (Novice), 20-30 miles (Women), 20-40 miles (Masters Men). Exact distance and laps are announced at the start of each evening.
Single Race - $15 pre-reg and $20 day of registration [race schedule]
Series - $TBD [register here]


Equal pay out for MEN and WOMEN each week:
Men 1-2-3, Men 4-5, Women 1-2-3, Women 4-5
1st place- $20 Laurelwood gift card
2nd place - $15 Laurelwood gift card
3rd place- $10 Laurelwood gift card

**Accepting prizes/winnings from non-sponsoring entities is considered a breach of existing sponsorship contracts and will result in disqualification from the race, forfeiture of team points and potential suspension from the series**


Approved helmets are required. All OBRA Racing Rules apply. No aero bars allowed.  Drop bars, with bar tape, plugged ends and without brake levers are required for track/fixed category. OBRA and the organizers of this race do not provide insurance coverage for injuries that occur at the race. The costs related to those injuries are the responsibility of the individual participant.

Portland International Raceway Rules and Regulations:
In accordance with FAA regulations, PIR does not permit the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for any type of commercial photography or videography at any time at the facility. Pets are allowed at PIR. Please consider event noise before bringing pets that may be sensitive to loud sounds. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Owners take full responsibility for their pets. Alcohol may only be purchased on site from the PIR-contracted food and service vendor, Ovations. Outside alcohol is prohibited from all PIR property. All Portland city parks (including PIR), recreation areas, and natural areas are smoke free.

Portland International Raceway
1940 N Victory Blvd
Portland, OR 97217





5:00 - Registration Opens
5:20 - Free Rider Clinic
5:30 - Fixed Gear/Track Bike (all ages)
6:15 - Novice Open (ages 14 and up, Men and Women)
6:20 Women 4-5
6:30 Women 1-2-3
6:35 Master Men 1-2-3 (Ages 30+)
6:40 Master Men 4-5 (Ages 30+)